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Choose an Ecommerce Platform
for Your Online Store

What’s the Best Ecommerce Engine for You?

Ecommerce websites are almost always built on top of a pre-existing “Ecommerce Engine” (otherwise known as an Ecommerce Platform or Online Store Builder), which provides most of the sophisticated ecommerce functionality you need out-of-the-box so that you don’t have to go through the very complex and often prohibitively expensive process of building an online store from scratch. 

There are many companies that offer hosted, all-inclusive ecommerce solutions — the engine on top of which you can easily build your online store.   Design-wise you can make any of these engines look any way you’d like (though some companies give you much nicer building blocks to start with, particularly important if you’re not a professional designer).

We refer any client who comes to us wanting to build a robust ecommerce site to Big Commerce, and it’s the ecommerce platform we use ourselves on our own projects.  This website — Ecommerce — leads you step by step through the building, running & promotion of an online store created on the Big Commerce platform.  I

f you’re using a different ecommerce platform (Yahoo, ProStores, etc) you can still benefit enormously from the free information and instruction on this site, however all specific examples are geared towards Big Commerce.  If you’re building a new online store and want to use Ecommerce Formula as a guide and reference, then going with Big Commerce will make things a whole lot easier for you.

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